About tipiyou

Tipiyou is a new store concept with a travel theme for our little darlings.

What is our ambition? Enable all children, small travellers or just toddlers looking for a little getaway, travelling with a light heart and peace of mind on the roads in France, around the world or at home.

We are anxious to offer you a rare gem, Tipiyou is constantly looking for original and creative items with a single philosophy: That they are practical and meet the values​we share with many other travellers.

Make life easier for travelling children and family travellers... but that's not all!

Making travel easier is good, but that is not enough!

That is why Tipiyou offers a wide range of activities to keep your kids busy (during long journeys, meals or on the beach), everything needed to bring back memories of holidays, travel guides for children, etc.

Finally, because you need a little rest between small globe-trotter adventures, Tipiyou collected beautiful things to decorate their room and get away a little from their daily school. Because travelling is also a get away, discovering others and the world through reading, music, games and decoration.

And since children never travel alone, we do not want them to be jealous of each other, Tipiyou also selects pretty accessories for parents, which frankly are also big kids.

Our brands and our values

Around thirty brands, soon to be joined by many others, which have agreed to embark on this adventure with us. Designer brands and designers who share our desire to travel the world while leaving the least possible trace of our passage.

Collaborators with Tipiyou were carefully selected taking not only into account the originality of the products but also the involvement of brands in sustainable development and fair trade. Our goal is to provide you with ethical, eco-friendly and responsible products, beautiful and practical, all around the theme evoking travel.

Who is hiding behind Tipiyou?

Peekaboo, it's the big bad wolf! Just kidding, don't run away, it's just me... Eve-Amandine Leloup.

With a Degree in History and an Master in Communications in hand, I began my professional career in 2008 as... a mom of little Chloe, who today became the older sister of Elyne and Tim.

At almost 30 years of age, I realized that too often, I procrastinated with our travel plans and made a wish to explore the world as a family. That's because it is difficult to travel with children, especially when they are so small, with all their belongings, bed, chair, stroller, and so on!

And finally, was it simply an idea? And are there items to make our life and travel comfortable, without compromising our safety?

With a good dose of perseverance and motivation, I collected all the pretty things that exist to simplify our holiday with our children.

Despite all my efforts, will you find your happiness on our site? Do you wish to inform me about designs or products of a brand that represent the same values​as Tipiyou? Leave me a note: hello@tipiyou.com hello@tipiyou.com

Happy exploring!


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